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Paula Lenz

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Driving Into Infinity

Living With My Brother's Spirit

With the sudden and shocking loss of her brother Don in 1983, author Paula Lenz describes her direct contact “in Infinity” with her brother’s spirit through an out-of-body experience and the strange events that have continued for the rest of her life.


In the book’s Afterword, Dr. Jan Holden explains how Paula’s experience and the aftereffects are more in keeping with a Near-Death Experience (NDE).  Dr. Holden is a highly acclaimed researcher on spiritually transformative experiences.

“We are not forgotten by those we have loved, and they do visit us more times than we consciously know.  I hope my story provides some comfort to those who have experienced the loss of someone they love deeply.”

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A “must read” for anyone
struggling with a tragic Loss
in their life.

“Paula Lenz’s book shows how the deepest grief can unlock the greatest spiritual treasures.  The story of how the death of her beloved brother Don also provided her — and us — with inconvertible evidence of life after death should convince any skeptic that we live after we die. 

Driving into Infinity will take you on a riveting journey of self-discovery.”

-Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.,

Author of Lessons from the Light

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